Case – Driving growth through CX focus


Elixir Advisory advised an India based EdTech company that provides a Digital Learning & Practice platform offering personalized learning. The company has customized solutions for coaching institutions, schools, and K-12 students.
With covid-19 fuelling the e-learning boom, the company experienced rapid growth and new customer acquisition outpaced existing customer success efforts
Customer renewal rates are highly dependent on level of Customer Experience (CX)


Elixir Advisory used a end-user (Customer) Centric perspective to define the post-sales client engagement plan along with feedback mechanism for continuous improvement
A coaching plan for also designed for the relatively new team at the client responsible for CX efforts

Elixir Advisory identified the end-user (Customer) engagement drivers and developed customer post-sales engagement initiatives
Defined KPIs and SOPs for Customer Success team
Setup customer NPS (net promoter score) measurement and action planning mechanism for continuous improvement
Elixir believes in partnership beyond the advisory

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