Advisory Board ​Service

We curate effective “advisory board” per client requirements.
Our Services
The advisory board helps client with filling a strategic expertise gap, getting unbiased outside-in perspective and/or widening the business network in a targeted manner. Companies can expect responsive service given our ever-growing qualified advisory board members group.

Advisory Board Design

We conduct detailed client advisory board need assessment during the ‘discover’ phase. Armed with this knowledge we develop the target advisory board members’ profile & structure as part of ‘design’ phase.

Advisory Board Member Selection

​Given our ever-growing qualified advisory board members group, we are able to efficiently select the right advisory board members. Our team shall undertake a member search process in case there is a gap and ensure we meet client’s requirements in ‘create’ phase.

Keeping it Relevant

We support clients with creating a Advisory board charter and ensuring alignment across the Advisory board members. We can support the client with operationalising the advisory board meetings and following expected cadence as part of ‘sustain’ phase. Feedback loops ensure the advisory board is staying relevant and effectively meeting client’s expectations.​