Why do Advisory Boards matter more today?

Today’s world is characterised as being VUCA – volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Because of this new and unpredictable environment, it is almost impossible to predict threats or opportunities – at the same time, the potential for disruption is very high. In such a situation, a business leader must be even more outgoing in terms […]

Channel Partner Development Model

Channel strategy for a market is defined, considering several factors – namely target customers, competitors, ease of doing business, and others. Once the channel model (i.e., Distributor / National Dealer/ Dealer/ Others) is defined, the channel partner’s scale is driven by the scale of the targeted customer segment besides others. In the above macro context, […]

Hello ASEAN !

Swift actions, difficult decisions, and putting people above the economy have been the frontline strategy for ASEAN countries navigating through COVID-19. After a year of crisis management, governments and companies are now turning towards recovery and growth to support the vibrant and ever-promising ASEAN bloc. In this article, we take a development view of economic […]

How can design thinking power your CX to the next level?

Customer centricity has never been more critical for success as it is perhaps now, given the VUCA times. Companies who believe in taking the ‘customer first’ approach have the opportunity to integrate this mindset throughout their business processes and decision making. Result being the ability to provide a superior customer experience (CX), which is a […]